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Lisa Humphries




Lisa is a Certified Pilates Practitioner, a Tennessee State Board Licensed Chiropractic Therapy Assistant, a Licensed GYROTONIC® Apprentice, and founder of her own company, Proper Pilates, Sumner County's premiere and most fully equipped studio, located within Absolute Wellness. As the first CTA/Pilates Specialist in Tennessee, Lisa works closely with doctors of chiropractic in a clinical setting and utilizes Pilates based exercises for patients. Lisa has taught Pilates training workshops across the Southeastern United States, and for physical therapists of Sumner Regional Hospital. A longtime sufferer of sciatica and lower back pain, Lisa was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease and significant joint degeneration in her knees. Wanting to find an alternative to chiropractic visits and pain medication, she discovered Pilates and its amazing core and back strengthening attributes. Lisa has accumulated over 8000 plus hours of training and experience in the discipline of Pilates alone, including Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels, and has earned the esteemed certification of Balanced Body University Comprehensive Pilates Instructor. Lisa has had the privilege of studying and learning under internationally renown Pilates master trainers, including Elizabeth Larkam, Valentin, Nora St. John, Kristi Romani Ruby M.P.T., and Titleist Golf Specialist Ada Wells M.P.T., and has studied extensively in Atlanta under GYROTONIC® Master Trainer Dawn Strom. Although she credits her knowledge and teaching style from learning under the “greats”, Lisa’s greatest privilege is the ability to make a difference in the daily lives of her clients and patients.


Pilates By Sue 

Sue Clark



All sessions private. It's just you me and the machines.  A truly customized session that is designed specifically for your body, your needs, and your goals. 

My goal is to make your workout not only beneficial, but fun. I promise to make you look forward to your time and to also see results. 

My Pilates training comes from Balanced Body University, the Harvard of all Pilates.  Working under dr. Cory Crowley for the past three years has provided the perfect mix of Pilates, therapy, anatomy and providing pain relief for issues of the hip, shoulder, back and neck. 

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For more info:

Pilates is an established form of exercise that has been used since the early 1900's. Pilates sessions focus on the core while creating an evenly conditioned total body.  The unique machines provide maximum strengthening and stretching without any stress on your joints.


Develop a strong core
Achieve flat abs
Increase flexibility
Improve sports performance
Weight loss
Rehab injuries


Pilates sessions may be covered under your own health insurance. Our unique affiliation with Dr. Cory Crowley allows us to cover Pilates visits.
Your first 30 minutes are always Free